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Street lighting: installation at Gypsy Corner Flyover (2 parts)

Date range1966-1971
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 106


This file is concerned mainly with the streetlighting and electrical side of the planned flyover. However the real gem are the large scale plans of the structure. There appears to have been two separate proposals for a flyover during the late 1960s. The earlier plan shows the complete flyover on one 1:2500 map. The later plan is for a slightly longer flyover and this is shown on several 1:500 maps. These larger scale maps also show the exact position and direction of each streetlight together with the under road heating that was also planned.

Included in the paperwork are copies of the legal orders for the scheme, which were set to be published in 1966 but evidently were not.

Contents of note

  • 1:2500 plans of the proposed flyover dated 1966
  • 1:500 plans of a longer flyover dated 1970 on several sheets showing the position of each streetlight column

Links to related files

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MT 139/381 Ealing BC: flyover at Gipsy Corner A40; eligibility to serve notice to purchase under planning blight (1966-1967)

People with camera copies

James Bancroft has copies of most of the maps and a couple of pages of the report

Chris Marshall has copies of most plans and some paperwork