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`D' ring road: Sunbury to South Mimms; problems caused by planning blight

Date range1957-1958
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 106

Despite the file dates "1957-58" in the catalogue listing, this file contains papers from 1958-1966.


This is a continuation of MT 106/57, and its context is explained there. The correspondence in this file dates from 1958-59 (despite the dates in the catalogue) and is evidence of the strength of feeling in this area about the planned routing of the "D" Ring along existing roads. A handwritten note on the file cover, next to the title, reads "classic planning blight features".

At the back of the file is a copy of the Summarised Report by Brandt & O'Dell recommending a new routing for the "D" Ring around the west and north of the urban area, which was published in about 1966, eight years after this file was closed. It's not entirely clear what it's doing here.

There are two plans at the back of the file. One shows a planned housing development at Yeading Green, seemingly as built, showing an empty corridor designed into the estate where the line of the "D" Ring was protected by Middlesex County Council. The A312 Parkway now occupies that space. The other plan shows A- and B-roads in the London Borough of Southgate, and is as irrelevant here as finding the plans folder contained a photograph of a sponge pudding.

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