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Arrived around 11.10. Files simply being photographed are not noted.

MT 112/159

(This file ordered by Chris Marshall.) An important concern is advisory speed signing for curves. Plans show experimental signing with curve advisory speeds (in MPH) and the file also includes a publication version of K.S. Rutley's paper, done for the RRL (with early versions in DSIR files), on star ratings for curves.

BT 59/24

This turned out to be a busted flush. I ordered it because it was one of the hits I got back on a search for "motor industry," but the only industry-related file--it is a box dealing with export trade in multiple types of article, each type getting its own file--had to do with motorcycles. I am returning it unphotographed.

MT 117/35

This is a very thin file dealing with the Ministry's response to a suggestion by the Earl of Derby that a toll be charged on the motorway between Birmingham and Preston. It is being photographed as insurance.