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Arrived around noon. Would have come a little earlier except the train was delayed just before Reading. Main focus of this visit is mopping up old files and chasing down Motorways Archive references.

MT 95/294

The title for this file has the keywords "motorway" and "general." With the exception of some handwritten notes addressing issues of traffic flows, the bulk of the content of this file appears to be selection of schemes for the motorway programme, broken down by contract length and year, and the majority of papers are from the mid-1960's.

MT 74/2

This file is being returned since it deals with the broad issue of nationalization of transport providers and though it contains much of interest, including the civil servants' reply to the Road Haulage Industry's (which association?) memorandum on "The case against nationalisation," as well as correspondence on whether the nationalized transport authority should have the ability to raise capital on the open market, it is peripheral to the concerns of the thesis and cannot reasonably be considered a high priority. In any case the secondary sources should be examined first.