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FILES TO EXAMINE--2007-05-12

This list has been produced by searching for {signs} within DSIR.

DSIR 12/156 (1944 committee on unauthorized signs, literature survey on signs)

DSIR 12/167 (effects on driver behavior of halt and slow signs)

DSIR 12/170 (effect of halt signs on accident frequency)

DSIR 12/172 (lifetimes of three different types of retroreflectorized road sign)

DSIR 12/174 (retroreflectorization specification)

DSIR 12/175 (layout and lettering of advance direction signs)

DSIR 12/177 (progress on halt and slow sign research)

DSIR 12/178 (American versus European direction signs)

DSIR 12/180 (Preston Bypass proposed sign)

DSIR 12/181 (extension of yield sign experiment)

DSIR 12/182 (design of ADS; brightness of signs at night)

DSIR 12/183 (letter types for signs)

DSIR 12/186 (comparison/contrast between UK signs and American/European; time required to read, and size of lettering consequently necessary)

DSIR 12/188 (relative legibility of placenames and route numbers on direction signs)

DSIR 12/190 (legibility of green-background signs)

DSIR 12/191 (police reports on M5 warning sign system)

DSIR 12/198 (traffic sign retroreflectorization)

DSIR 12/199 (retroreflectorization issues)

DSIR 12/201 (sign brightness)

DSIR 12/204 (traffic sign lighting)

DSIR 12/253 (layout and lettering of direction signs)

DSIR 12/257 (illuminating signs on motorways; design of direction signs; motorway signs; uppercase versus lowercase; special signs at a roundabout in Middlesbrough)

DSIR 12/258 (conspicuity of signs according to background)

DSIR 12/259 (direction sign design & letter types to be used)

DSIR 12/261 (time required to read a traffic sign; comparison of two layouts of ADS)

DSIR 12/262 (comparison of 4 possible designs of stop sign; proposed modification to Transport Heavy)

DSIR 12/263 (fluorescent pigments for school crossing signs)

DSIR 12/264 (legibility of signs with green backgrounds)

DSIR 12/287 (Sign lighting--including picture of Preston Bypass sign)

DSIR 28/445 (committee report on "transport road signs"--HGV plates?)

There are some repeated titles. It will be necessary to watch RRL division codes to make sure reports submitted to multiple divisions are photographed only once.

MFQ 1/708/12-13 (proposed plan of road direction posts for Borough Surveyor of Burton-on-Trent)

MT 49/122 (road direction posts and signs)

MT 54 Light Railway Plans--but no item entries!!! Potential for NWM plans here?