Policy for Roads: England 1980

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In this exciting edition of Roads in...

We talk about costs (again). We talk about needs (again). We desperately try to save a few bob (again).

Contents of Note

  • Ringway 3 between M4 and M1 is finally binned
  • M23 Mitcham - Hooley is also binned
  • M12 South Woodford - Brentwood still in programme, but now it's under review.
  • A6(M) Stockport hokey-cokey is currently in, but "temporarily suspended".
  • The M65 is out completely, replaced with "improvements on A677 and A6119"
  • A449 Wolverhampton Western Bypass and Stourbridge Bypass are also temporarily suspended. This has turned out to be not that temporary.
  • A446 Basset's Pole to Dunton is on the reserve list for 1984 onwards, along with unnumbered "Essington - Basset's Pole".
  • A604 M1-A1 Link is in the firm programme for 1984 onwards
  • The M40 is still the M40, and the silly all-purpose bit in the middle has vanished.
  • M66 Denton - Middleton is definitely, absolutely, no question in the plan for 1984.
  • M54 is in the main programme for 1980-81, and not at all for 1983, which is when it eventually opened.