Skelmersdale link to M6 and Glenburn Road: Official Opening (1970)

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It used to be that road schemes were accompanied by glossy booklets proclaiming their utopian wonders. Some - like the Preston By-pass Official Opening (1958) - are wholly justified in their excitement about an important road scheme. Others - like this one - are beautifully packaged mementos of wholly underwhelming road schemes.

This one commemorates the opening of a bit of road in Skelmersdale and a bit of road near Skelmersdale, neither of which was opened in anything like their final commemoration, and which are separated by several miles.

It's still interesting, though, for the old pictures of the M58 when it was still a single-carriageway road, for the pictures of a brand-new Skelmersdale, and for the over-ambitious and never-to-be-realised proposals for what they hoped it would look like when it was all finished off.

How to view it

It will, sooner or later, be available on CBRD.