Trunk Roads in England 1994 Review (1994)

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Ah, 1994. When Roads for Prosperity (1989) was definitely becoming a thing of the past.

This report details a number of RfP projects that bit the dust very quickly in the 1993 review, as well as the odd new one that slipped through the net.

Contents of Note

  • Cancellation of M12 (the M25 - Chelmsford version)
  • Cancellation of the southern and western sides of the Preston Motorway Box
  • Cancellation of the M56-M62 link motorway SW of Manchester
  • Cancellation of M62 - M1 Link in Yorkshire
  • Big list of all Trunk Roads completed between 1990 and 1994 including opening dates
  • Cancellation (yet again) of the M1 Scratchwood Link (nee Stirling Corner Link)
  • Western Orbital Route listed at the top of Priority 1 schemes. I wonder how that went...
  • A1(M) from M25 to Gateshead inserted to programme
  • A6(M) Stockport bypass still in programme. Hilariously, it's also listed as "under construction", but it's actually referring to the lonely section of A555.
  • A14(M) still in programme
  • A556(M) still in programme