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Transport Ministries: Highways Special Roads (HS Series) Files

MT 121/2 London - South Wales motorway: proposed monorail and hovercraft service to London Airport (1958-1964)
MT 121/10 Birmingham - Preston motorway: special road schemes (1957-1958)
MT 121/22 Preston bypass: Britain's first motorway; opening ceremony by the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan (1956-1959)
MT 121/135 London South Wales Motorway: Chiswick-Langley Special Road; Cromwell Road extension to Slough by-pass (1957-1961)
MT 121/284 M4 Chiswick-Langley Special Road and Chiswick-North of Harmondsworth Special Road (Improvements) Order No 2 (1960-1976)
MT 121/298 Motorway programme from 1970: plans (1963-1964)
MT 121/406 Preston Bypass: widening; future developments; press notices (1958-1965)
MT 121/557 South Orbital route M25: Kent and Surrey sections; preliminary report by the South Eastern Road Construction Unit (RCU) (1968)

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