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Ringway No.3 (North-West London), report by Colin Buchanan and Partners, comments

Date range 1971
Location National Archives (See catalogue entry)
File location Series HLG; Subseries HLG 159


As part of the colossal public inquiry into the GLC's Greater London Development Plan, the line of Ringway 3 in the north-west of London was investigated by the engineering consultants Colin Buchanan and Partners.

Their report outlined the need for the GLC's proposed line for Ringway 3, how it would affect development in its surrounding areas, how it would relate to local traffic problems and what alternatives existed. One alternative which was probably preferred by whoever demanded this investigation was a Ministry of Transport line for the motorway which went around the outside of the built-up area, avoiding the massive property demolition that would be required for the GLC's line.

Contents of note

  • Easy to read summary of the report's conclusions, which surmises that the most destructive line for the motorway (the GLC's preferred "B" route) was the most suitable. The consultants were, however, working to the criteria that the GLC used to select motorway lines so this isn't too surprising.
  • Responses from five affected London Boroughs, which is a grudging acceptance that the road is needed without actually approving the report's findings.

People with camera copies

Chris Marshall has a complete copy. Yes - that's all three pages!