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London North Circular Trunk Road A406: Waterworks Corner to Central Line railway bridge; preparation of road scheme at intersection of five roads

Date range1964-1967
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 106


In the 1960s plans were being developed to upgrade the junctions on the A406. This document deals with Waterworks Corner. It is well worth looking at documents covering junctions that were built because sometimes there are surprises. Waterworks Corner is very much a surprise as the plans reveal something far grander was planned than what was built. Looking at the junction today there is nothing to suggest that it is far from complete but back in the 60s they really were ambitious. For starters the junction was to be on three levels with a flyover taking Woodford New Road above the roundabout. Next is the interesting bit - Forest Road would have freeflowed onto the A406 east and there would have been additional slips giving a freeflowing connection between Forest Road and the roundabout. The whole thing was to be built in stages but in typical fashion only the basic junction was built.

Contents of note

  • Detailed plans showing far more grade separation than what was built.

People with camera copies

James Bancroft has copies of the maps and plans along with some of the correspondence.

Chris Marshall has copies of the plans.