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M25 Godstone to Sevenoaks: preparation of orders for Godstone to Sevenoaks section and Wrotham Spur; draft Orders and maps; copy of public inquiry report; summary of objections.

Date range1970-1971
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 152


It has to be said, I was only really browsing this file in the hope it would shed some light on the various alignments proposed for the adjoining section of the M20 between Swanley and Wrotham, because there seems to be a scarcity of information relating to that scheme, but even given that my interest lay elsewhere when reading, this file has little to hold one's attention.

The file must be ordered separately in two parts - MT 152/195/1 and MT 152/195/2. It relates to two road schemes being pursued concurrently, and which connected to form one length of motorway, namely M25 Godstone to Sevenoaks (junctions 5 to 6) and M25 Sevenoaks to Wrotham (now the M26). It is principally concerned with the public inquiry and the investigation of minor changes to the alignment of the road suggested by objectors.

There is nothing here relating to the adjoining sections of M20, as it happens.

Contents of note

  • Endless material relating to the public inquiry into these schemes.
  • Plan sheets - listed in my notes as "tedious diagrams" - plotting changes to the route so inconsequential as to seem unworthy of consideration. Most appear to be so that the motorway moved slightly further away from a landowner's property.
  • The inspector's report itself, which reveals that the change from a three-level stacked roundabout interchange and adjoining service area at Chevening (planned when this would still have been the relatively simple intersection of a motorway with the A21) to the limited access free-flow interchange that was eventually built was a product of the inquiry process. The inspector recommended that the proposals be modified in this area so that:
    • the service area location was revised as its proximity to Chipstead would have had a serious impact on the village;
    • the local road between Chipstead and Chevening should not be severed by the junction, nor should there be access from the local road network to the motorway at this point;
    • that the location of the junction should not be moved as many objectors wished, but the bulk of the interchange should be sited in the north-east quadrant, away from the two villages and Chevening Park, an aim that was fulfilled with the design eventually chosen.

People with camera copies

None known.