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Location National Archives
Title Ring roads 'A' and 'B'
Date range 1945-1955
Catalogue See entry


Much of this file deals with the Ministry's dithering over how it should try to implement the recommendations of the Greater London and County of London Plans. In particular it contains a slim report on whether Abercrombie's plan or the Ministry's plan should be carried out – the difference being which of the A and B rings should be arterial and which sub-arterial.

The report goes into great detail in describing all four proposals (ie. Arterial and non-arterial A and B rings), and also includes a schedule of all historic buildings and public amenities that would be destroyed or compromised for the road schemes. The description is annoyingly hazy around Wandsworth, but the sketchy outline map makes it look like Trinity Road Underpass and the gyratory on the approach to Wandsworth Bridge were supposed to be part of the arterial B-ring.

Contents of note

  • Report recommending that Abercrombie's plans be taken forward, with a less destructive A-Ring and an arterial standard B-ring.
  • Diagrams of a building on Tavistock Square that was to contain a void in the basement for the A-Ring to pass beneath it.

People with camera copies

Chris Marshall has a partial copy, including the whole of the report.