Roads in England and Wales (1964-65)

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This is another one in the Roads in... series of reports, detailing the state of road construction from the year in the title.

It's much wordier than later reports, and the big tables are relgated towards the back. They include scheme names, lengths, costs, and planned route numbers, but don't include improvements for less than £250k.

Contents of Note

  • A lovely picture of the then-brand new M4 Ironing Board at J2
  • A photo of the machine used to clean the inside of the Mersey Tunnel
  • A40(M) High Wycombe Bypass listed as under construction; A40(M) Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross Bypasses schemes listed as being made
  • The marvellously named A3 Toby Jug underpass in preparation. That's in Kingston-upon-Thames apparently.
  • Bilston Link Road planned to cost £7.85 million
  • Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton Inner Ring Roads costs