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Oh, hello!

Welcome to ArchiveWiki. It's a wiki about what you can find in government archives.

What this website is for (formerly CBRD) contains all sorts of original research and writing on the subject of the British road network, carried out by a chap called Chris. But he's not the only one digging around in archives to find new information about this very specific subject. So, to help others who have an interest to pool their resources, he created ArchiveWiki (formerly CBRD ArchiveWiki), so that everyone digging around for historical information about roads could add their research notes and understand what was out there.

Here you will find outline descriptions of the contents of all the files in all the institutions that our members have visited, neatly catalogued, tagged, and marked where appropriate so that we all know who has camera copies of the file's contents.

Our membership is limited and you will need to ask to join, if your research overlaps with ours. The pages are, however, free for anyone to view and you don't need an account to browse and search the site.

Who runs this website

ArchiveWiki is hosted on a subdomain of and maintained by Chris. Contact him if you have any problems.