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Ringway 2 (formerly C Ring Road)

Date range1968
LocationLondon Metropolitan Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseFond GLC, subfond DG/PTI/P


This file is in a series of 17 files, explained in detail at GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/048.

Within the wider series, this file contains correspondence from 28 September to 31 December 1968. The time period covered by each file is reducing steadily as awareness of the motorway plans increases.

Contents of note

  • Evidence of at least eight more property purchases.
  • A press notice about an amendment to the line of Ringway 2 between Thamesmead and Falconwood includes mention that the width of the motorway would now be dual four-lane, not dual three.
  • An internal report, dated 8 November 1968, includes mention of traffic forecasts of 130,000 vehicles per day between the A13 and Thamesmead, and 110,000 between Thamesmead and Falconwood. It discusses the use of "median hard shoulders", recently recommended by the MOT, and suggests they should be considered on their merits with reference to land values. It suggests that on the West Cross Route they would be "clearly impracticable".
  • A report of a public meeting addressed by Robert Vigars, in which he states there is no better way to get a "shiny new council house" than to move into the path of a proposed motorway. It was sent in with a letter, asking whether it was true, and on the letter Vigars himself has written in pencil "substantially correct".

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