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Set out for London an hour later than usual (11.15 train rather than 10.15).

Train was delayed getting into Padd (for some reason there is some kind of traffic restriction going into the station), and was actually about 30 minutes late. Bakerloo down to Embankment was bearable, but after that it got really bad, with sardine-tin density for the hop from Embankment to Temple. Hoping it will be a little better at 8 PM when I finally leave.



One of the major German Autobahnen files. Finished up with this.


This was RJ’s trip Holland-Denmark-Germany, summer 1938. Finished in its entirety.


This is a road signs and white lines file—expect to finish in entirety today. Very interesting Public Roads article on button copy.

. . . Finished.


This is RJ’s 1936-37 West Indies/USA/Mexico diary. Starting . . .

. . . Finished.


This is a miscellany, and a lot of it is crumbling newsprint. Main items of interest are the translation of Todt’s book on the Reichsautobahnen, some correspondence with Todt, reports of the Arterial Road Conferences (I think second series, sponsored by the Board of Trade in 1916) and correspondence between RJ and George Pepler pertaining thereto—apparently Pepler managed the Conferences, and may have known RJ from the BOT before he moved over to the Ministry of Health. I photographed only the Todt-related material. In time it may be worthwhile to come back to the Arterial Road Conferences, but I seriously doubt this. I am considering this file closed till it becomes clear to me I have to come back to it.


Main item of interest in this file is a Public Roads article on concrete in the German Autobahnen. I think I will pronounce this file closed as the remainder deals mainly with what appear to be RJ’s own proposals for a motorway network.