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Experimental panels for Severn Bridge: trial in Western Avenue, Denham, Bucks, (A40)

Date range1963-196
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 106


Relates to work in 1963/64 to install a temporary steel plate under lane 1 of the A40 eastbound, located between the canal bridge and viaduct half a mile east of Denham Roundabout. There seems to have been a hut installed nearby for some reason, and a pit underneath the plate. This was so the RRL could do some testing on the proposed road surface arrangements for the Severn Bridge, so presumably the aim was to have live traffic running on a section of hollow steel plate and see how it stood up to the forces placed on it.

There are contract documents here, correspondence about the work, and four plans at the back:

  1. Cross section of embankment, supplied by MCC, showing that Western Avenue at this point is built on two layers of logs infilled with fine gravel to support the embankment over peat.
  2. Same, but on tracing paper and nicely coloured in.
  3. Cross section of proposed works, showing stairs and passage to void under plate.
  4. Plan of proposed works, showing two sets of stairs at either end of the void.

People with camera copies

None known.