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Transport Ministries: Highways General (HG Series) Files

MT 127/21 Tring (Herts) to Berkhamsted (Herts) Bypass proposals: correspondence with Chiltern Society; controversial scheme; matters of policy concerning use of detrunking orders (1969-1972)
MT 127/80 Advisory Committee on the Landscape Treatment of Trunk Roads: inspection of Egham (Surrey) - Denham (Buckinghamshire) section of North Orbital Motorway (M25) and Denham Interchange proposals (1972-1973)
MT 127/86 M16 (Epping) Public Inquiry: draft policy statement; official and departmental correspondence; notes of meeting (1974-1975)
MT 127/88 M16 (Epping) Public Inquiry: inspector's reports (1973)

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