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Twickenham Road: construction 3 flyover

Date range1978
LocationLondon Metropolitan Archives (see all files stored here)
File baseFond SC, subfond PHL/02


This box of photographs also exists in the catalogue at the item level - or to put it another way, each individual photograph is indexed. Thankfully you don't need to order them one at a time, and instead you just order the box and can look through it at your leisure.

There are three collections of photographs here.

Ringway 2 Thamesmead model
These pictures document in excruciating detail a model that was produced in about 1973 to show Ringway 2 passing through the western edge of Thamesmead and entering the tunnel under the river. It wasn't a very well made model and seems to get very confused about sliproads, with the result that the interchange it shows on Ringway 2 makes no sense at all. It shows the section immediately adjacent to the tunnel portal being below ground in a retained cutting, with one section roofed over to allow parkland to be reinstated over the motorway.
Tibbett's Corner
Approximately one billion photographs of the A3/A219 junction from 1968, some as it was about to be opened (with no traffic in the underpass) and some just after it opened (with not much traffic in the underpass). There are multiple copies of each picture and after the first two or three you've really seen everything there is to see.
Twickenham and the Country Way Flyover
As the title suggests, there are also pictures here of what seem to be local roads in the vicinity of the flyover, perhaps before it was built or if not then taken from the flyover itself, and many more taken from underneath looking up at the looming concrete structure. None are very noteworthy and it's hard to see what purpose they might have served.

People with camera copies

None known.