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Files held at London Metropolitan Archives are listed here. LMA stores its records by Fond and Subfond, which are rather arcane terms for what the National Archives would call Series and Subseries. To save on the number of categories we'd have to generate for the limited number of files listed here, some Subfonds are grouped - e.g. within the Fond "GLC', our Subfond category "DG/PTI/P" represents three layers of Subfonds in the official catalogue.


3499/EH (English Heritage)

3499/EH/08/04 Administration and policy files: numbered files


DG (Director General's Department)

DG/AE/ROL Director-General's Department: Administrative and Establishment Branch - Record Office and Library
DG/AR Director-General's Department: Arts and Recreation Committee
DG/PTI/P Director-General's Department: Planning Transport and Industry Group - Planning Committee
DG/PUB/01 Main publications archive set

RA (Recreation and Arts Division)

RA/D2G Development Branch - General Landscaping Division

TD (Traffic Division)

TD/C Construction Branch
TD/DP/DC Transportation and Development Department: Development Planning Branch - Development Control
TD/DP/LDS Transportation and Development Department: Development Planning Branch - Local Plans Division
TD/PM Programme Management and Resources Branch
TD/T Traffic Branch
TD/TP Transport Planning Branch


AR (Architect's Office)

AR/TP Town Planning

CE (Chief Engineer's Department)

CE/RB Roads and Bridges

CL (Clerk's Department)

CL/HIG Highways

PP (Committees: Presented Plans)

PP/HT Highways and Traffic
PP/RD Roads


PHL (Photograph Library)

PHL/02 General Subjects


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