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Glamorgan Archives and Local Studies holds all archives for the City of Cardiff

Authority Cardiff City Council
Location Clos Parc Morgannwg, Leckwith, Cardiff. See map
Membership/ID Location specific membership card
Photocopy policy Permissive; pay-per-copy
Camera policy Free, you will need to fill in a form detailing the documents you photograph

What is held here

The Archives is the main resource for the City Council's archives and documents. It also holds some items from elsewhere in the Mid Glamorgan and Vale of Glamorgan areas.

How to use it

The Archives are tucked away along a side road behind Cardiff City Stadium and it may be tricky to find if you don't come prepared with a map or route plan. There is free parking for Archives visitors.

You will need to register in order to use the facilities and provide photo ID. Bags and coats must be placed in a locker.

Items are ordered via the online catalogue by completing small slips of paper with item number, name and date. Items normally arrive within 20 minutes.

Unusually for a local archive there is no fee for using a digital camera but you still have to fill in the usual copyright disclaimer form and record the number of pictures taken from each document.

Items found here

  • 1960s Cardiff Transportation Study by Buchanan
  • 1960s and early 70s plans for the redevelopment of the city centre containing some of Buchanan's proposals
  • Stacks of boxes full of material concerning the unbuilt Hook Road with the all important large scale plans of the GSJs