HLG 119/599

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ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTIES: Hertfordshire. County Maps

Date range1952-1958
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries HLG, subseries HLG 119

Thumbs up.png This file is truly delightful.
It is likely to bring a smile to your face, probably because it contains the sort of thing that makes trawling through dusty archive documents worthwhile. The thing in this file that makes your day might actually have nothing to do with its subject matter.


In the 1950s, all counties were required by law to draw up and publish a County Development Plan. This is Hertfordshire's, presented in a large box. It is the most gloriously diverting collection of plans, books and other artefacts and is an absolute delight to look through.

Contents of note

  • A large folder containing the actual Development Plan report. Hertfordshire CC went to town on this, and published it as a green hardback book with handsome line-drawing illustrations.
  • Selection of County Maps, including the principal one that shows the "D" and "E" Rings, overlaid on an OS base map.

People with camera copies

Chris Marshall has a partial copy.