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Hello. I'm the owner of and I'm also the administrator for ArchiveWiki. If you're having trouble with the site, or you'd like to get permission to edit the wiki, contact me. Send me an email through the main website.

Personal collection

Items I own are listed here. These are all books and other printed material; for miscellaneous objects see below.

Item Date
A Road Plan for Lancashire (1949) 1949
County of London Plan (1943) 1943
Eccles By-Pass M.602: Official Opening (1971) 1971
European rules concerning road traffic, signs and signals (1974) 1974
Greater London Development Plan (1976) 1976
Greater London Plan (1944) 1944
Highway Development Survey (1937) 1937
M25 Orbital Motorway (1986) 1986
M63 Motorway through a Town (1983) 1983
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (1961) 1961
Motorways (1969) 1969
Motorways in London (1969) 1969
New Towns: Their Origins, Achievements and Progress (1977) 1977
North Cross Route: General Report (1966) 1966
Preston By-pass Official Opening (1958) 1958
SELNEC - A Highway Plan (1962) 1962
Skelmersdale link to M6 and Glenburn Road: Official Opening (1970) 1970
Tomorrow's London (1969) 1969
Traffic in Towns (1963) 1963
Traffic Signs (1963) 1963
West Cross Route: Interim Report on Stage I (1962) 1962
West Midlands Transport Study (1967) 1967


Objects, ornaments and other tat lying around the place are listed here.

Bits and pieces

Some other stuff I have on the wiki, mostly for my own amusement or information.

Chris's shopping list
has files located by browsing the National Archives catalogue folders page-by-page, which I have yet to see.
Chris's LMA hit list
includes stuff I want to investigate at London Metropolitan Archives.
Things Chris wants to see again
should be fairly self-explanatory.