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Chippenham-Almondsbury interchange: design

Date range1960-1962
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 95


This file contains discussion surrounding the design of the M4 between Chippenham and Almondsbury, including the Almondsbury Interchange itself – notable as the first four-level stack in the UK. It forms a nice introduction into the world of 1960s highway design, and in particular the use of words like "dumpling" to refer to a small embankment in the centre of a roundabout interchange.

The Ministry's initial design was for a three level stacked roundabout junction, but this was later revised to a full cloverleaf when it became clear that the roads would be heavily trafficked and that large volumes of traffic would be turning. By 1961 the men from the Ministry were dead set on having a cloverleaf junction.

Unfortunately there is nothing in the file to suggest when the four-level design was adopted over the cloverleaf, or why. The design work was handed over to Freeman Fox and Partners without further question, so presumably it was their work to add an extra two levels.

Maps, plans and diagrams to accompany this file are at MT 95/524.

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MT 95/524 Chippenham-Almondsbury interchange: plans (1960-1962)

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