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Sources for the component parts of Ringway 3 are collected here.


Abercrombie's D-Ring as precursor
MT 106/413 includes written confirmation that several sections used D-Ring protected lines
MT 95/85 includes plans of the D-ring at locations that match known routings of Ringway 3
GLC discussing only three ring roads

Ringway 3 as route for long-distance traffic
MT 106/413, related to 'D-Ring' being constructed entirely as motorway in 1966
Ministry plan for Outer Orbital motorway M45
MT 112/67

Northern Section

Route, M1 - Bignell's Corner
This line is a best-guess and no source documents whatsoever have been found for an official line between Bushey and Bignell's Corner. However, there are some Geographia maps with a potential route on them.
M31 Consultants' Report has outline of route, although it does not quite reach Bignell's Corner
Route, Bignell's Corner - Potter's Bar
As built before 1973
Route, Potter's Bar - A12
As planned before 1973
Unbuilt junction at A11
T 319/2655 includes plans of this

Use of M16 designation before opening
T 319/2655 has plans of "M16 motorway" between A10 and M11, which match precisely what is now M25
Use of temporary A1178 number
Incorporated into full-circle M25

Eastern Section

Route, A12 - A20
AT 56/98 confirms that what is now M25 between M11 and Dartford was programmed as Ringway 3/M16

Southern Section

Route, A20 - Addington
MT 120/169 has outline route
Route, Addington - Thames
MT 120/169 includes outline route
Alternative route, Addington - Chessington
Consultants still investigating routes in 1971
MT 120/272 indicates possible routes between M4 and A20 under investigation, in memo dated September 1971

Newspaper report concerning "final route"
HLG 159/1318 indicates a plan was published in Sutton and Cheam Advertiser, 23/07/1970, but so far we have been unable to track down that particular edition of this newspaper
No final route ever selected
MT 120/272 and HLG 159/321 both suggest the route was with consultants in 1971, and the final report of their findings was not due
Engineering standards
MT 120/272 indicates urban dual-4 alignment changes to rural dual-3 at a grid line on the plans in the absence of detailed study on where the change should occur

Western Section

Route, Thames - M3
Route, M3 - M4 - Yeading
Route, options at Yeading
Route, MoT option Yeading - South Oxhey
Check (same as GLC route)
Route, GLC option Yeading - South Oxhey
Check (same as MoT route)
MT 106/291 for 1964 route through Stanmore and Harrow to M1 junction 3
Ministry line v GLC line
Settled in favour of Ministry line before GDLP inquiry, The Times, 13-03-71
HLG 159/321 has report comparing the two options

R3 connecting to M3 junction 1
R3 connecting to M3 at new junction at Upper Halliford (inc. reserved land and property dispute)
MT 120/169
Cost comparison of Ministry and GLC route options
HLG 159/321, including GLC argument that their line was "more accessible"
Previous plans for D-Ring and to link M1 and Heathrow by dual carriageway
MT 106/291
Memo indicating urban or rural motorway standard
MT 106/413
File suggesting route number M16 between A4020 and M1
MT 106/118
Hansard, 07-11-72
Ringway 3 still at least partially in roads programme in 1977
Hansard, 05-04-77
Also appears in Policy for Roads: England 1978 as M4-A4020 and A4020-M1 schemes, before being shown "withdrawn without replacement" some time after 1 Feb 1978 in Policy for Roads: England 1980.