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Highways: Correspondence and Papers

MT 39/1 IMPROVEMENT AND NEW CONSTRUCTION: War Cabinet and Treasury £10,000,000 Road and Bridge Programme (1918-1920)
MT 39/2 ARTERIAL AND TRUNK ROADS: Great West Road: Middlesex (1920-1935)
MT 39/4 FINANCE: Applications for Treasury approval for proposed grants from Road Fund (1919-1920)
MT 39/11 BRIDGES: New bridge over River Nene at Guyhirne. (1904-1927)
MT 39/20 IMPROVEMENT AND NEW CONSTRUCTION: Reports on the work of Roads Department (1919-1929)
MT 39/23 ORGANISATION: Arterial roads staff (1922-1931)
MT 39/38 LEGISLATION: Northern and Western Motorway Bill, 1924 (1923-1930)
MT 39/64 LEGISLATION: Dartford and Purfleet (Thames) Tunnel Bill, 1930 (1929-1931)
MT 39/68 FINANCE: Road construction and maintenance (national Economy) (1931-1933)
MT 39/92 LEGISLATION: L.C.C. (Money) Bill, 1936 (1936)
MT 39/94 LEGISLATION: Dartford Tunnel Bill, 1936-1937 (1936-1947)
MT 39/96 MOTORWAYS: Provision of motorways in Great Britain: examination after inspection of German motorways (1937-1938)
MT 39/123 TUNNELS: Mersey Tunnel (1923-1928)
MT 39/145 MOTORWAYS: London/Birmingham motorway (1937-1942)
MT 39/151 ARTERIAL AND TRUNK ROADS: Kingston By-pass Road (1920-1934)
MT 39/152 ARTERIAL AND TRUNK ROADS: Kingston By-pass Road (1920-1934)
MT 39/154 ARTERIAL AND TRUNK ROADS: Eastern Avenue, Essex (1920 - 1932, 1947)
MT 39/191 ARTERIAL AND TRUNK ROADS: Official photographs (1924-1942)
MT 39/209 ARTERIAL AND TRUNK ROADS: Proposed new arterial roads: Mr. Rees Jeffreys (1935)
MT 39/230 ARTERIAL AND TRUNK ROADS: Construction of new trunk roads (1946)
MT 39/235 CLASSIFICATION: Classification: England and Wales (1919-1924)
MT 39/241 CLASSIFICATION: Numbering system (1921-1949)
MT 39/244 CLASSIFICATION: Suggested extension of system of road classification (1924)
MT 39/245 CLASSIFICATION: Re-numbering of the Great North Road from Boroughbridge to Darlington via Scotch Corner (1924-1925)
MT 39/246 CLASSIFICATION: Re-numbering of classified routes (1933-1942)
MT 39/250 CLASSIFICATION: Class III roads: policy (1946-1948)
MT 39/254 FINANCE: Road Fund allocations and grants: revised Treasury rules of procedure (1922-1933)
MT 39/266 BARRAGES: Severn Barrage and Bridge (1922-1933)
MT 39/336 HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (GREATER LONDON): Final plan: priority of schemes (1937-1938)
MT 39/338 HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (GREATER LONDON): Correspondence with Sir Edwin Lutyens, R.A. (1935-1938)
MT 39/348 HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (GREATER LONDON): Wandsworth Bridge Road: extension north to Watford By-pass Road (1937-1938)
MT 39/351 HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (GREATER LONDON): Hyde Park Corner Tunnel (1936-1938)
MT 39/352 HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (GREATER LONDON): Hyde Park Corner: surface lay-out (1936-1938)
MT 39/359 HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (GREATER LONDON): Rotherhithe Tunnel: duplication and improved approaches; Mile End Road to South Circular Road (1936-1938)
MT 39/360 HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (GREATER LONDON): Highway Development Survey (Greater London): General Report, December, 1937 (1937)
MT 39/392 IMPROVEMENT AND NEW CONSTRUCTION: Improvement at Hyde Park Corner, London (1925-1947)
MT 39/465 MOTORWAYS: Maidstone By-Pass (Motorway) (1934-1954)
MT 39/488 WAR MEASURES: Mersey Tunnel: storage of war material (1940)
MT 39/511 POST-WAR DEVELOPMENT, 1914-1918, 1939-1945: Roads Improvement Association: Mr. Rees Jeffreys (1942-1946)
MT 39/657 ARTERIAL AND TRUNK ROADS: Motorway and trunk road programmes: selection of schemes (1942-1960)
MT 39/770 CLASSIFICATION: Trunk roads: numbering and identification (1936-1949)
MT 39/771 CLASSIFICATION: Numbering, identification and sign posting of roads (1949-1957)
MT 39/774 ARTERIAL AND TRUNK ROADS: Watling Street construction: photographs (1921-1924)
MT 39/782 BRIDGES: Caernarvon CC: New Conway Bridge: plans and photographs (1955-1960)
MT 39/927 STATUTORY DECLARATIONS, DETERMINATION AND ORDERS : Objections and representations: plans and photographs. Includes 9 photographs depicting: Cardiff - Merthyr Trunk Road : Tongwnlais and other diversions: proposed trunk road scheme, effect on Queen's Hotel, Pontypridd and house at Plas-y-Coed (1949-1952)
MT 39/990 DEMOLITION AND REHOUSING: Neath - Abergavenny Trunk Road Heads of the Valleys Road: Re-housing by Crickhowell RDC (1950-1962)
MT 39/1061 MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS AND NEW CONSTRUCTION: Port Talbot BC: Port Talbot by-pass (1948-1952)
MT 39/1071 MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS AND NEW CONSTRUCTION: Port Talbot BC: Heads of the Valleys Road Brynmawr to Abergavenny section: contract documents (1959)